About Us

Visitaegean is the name of 12-years-of experience in Greek tourism and professionalism. The first Greece expert online B2B booking channel. Our team serves comprehensively throughout Greece. Visitaegean means reaching infinite beaches, warm summer sun, blue dreams, insatiable fun, a journey to the deepness of history and Greek islands with only a click.

Having a deep experience in leisure, incentive groups and VIP clientele, Visitaegean team now exceeds the boundaries and getting closer to you . You will easily find all products about Greece on our online platform, purchase them on the spot, be informed about instant opportunities and get special prices for your own market. We select distinctive destinations and accommodation for the demands of each market,so you can deliver your own guests customized products and variety of alternatives. You will enjoy the comfort of welcoming your guests under the assurance of Visitaegean team which you are familiar with.

In addition to individual bookings, Visitaegean hosts in a wide scope of VIP guests from famous sportive, artistic or scientific figures to high ranking people of official and private business and always aims to deliver an ultimate comfort and convenience.