Alexandropoli which is situated in the centre of Evros region, developed in trade because of having a port and a crossroads of important routes, and at the same time important for truism because of having all the glamour of Aegean Sea. This pretty city with a population less than 100.000, even if it’s small, with its modern face has all opportunities that can be covered by a metropolis. 

City symbol The Lighthouse (Faros) has been welcoming new comers since 1880 at the square wit, h the same age as itself. It is one of the longest lighthouses of Greek with its 27 m height and can be seen from 23 miles. History-Culture Museum, Thrace Ethnography Museum and Natural History Museum are waiting for visitors who are interested in historical and cultural richness.

Other than beach bars that you can enjoy sea and sun in Alexandropoli, there is also a very colorful nightlife. In addition to many café, bar, and night clubs, you can enjoy in traditional Greek entertainment “Bouzoukia” with live Greek music and dance till dawn.

Food and Drink: 

Foremost fish taverns that you try Greek cuisines best, and there are many alternatives. In addition to city centre; fish restaurants at the small port in the fishing village Makri, which is 12 km from Alexandropoli, is famous for fresh fish and other sea-food. Further remains from prehistoric to Byzantine periods, also includes Kikloma cave is worth to see.


It’s possible to reach Alexandropoli in 3.5 hours, it’s just after 40 km from border with a total 304 km. travel time can be extended during weekends because of the queues build-up at the border check. There are daily flights from Athens to Alexandropoli international airport