Chios Island is and Greek Island facing Cesme within hands reach. If its not a foggy day you can view the island clearly. You can buy tickets to Chios from Cesme Port.
You will enter the island from the port at the city centre. You will get dizzy because of cafes and shops selling mastic along the shore. It will take a day to make shopping in all of these shops goes for a kilometre along the shore. After shopping you can taste delicious food and fancy drinks in the cafes.
Chios is not a place to prefer in winter. It becomes so quite that even natives of island goes to Cesme for shopping for daily needs. And in the summer you need to leave the town centre behind for swimming because most close beach is 7 km away. You can take a cab to go to the north or south. They are at the same distance but we recommend Karfas in the south. Karfas is a typical Aegean village with long and wide beaches and sun beds for rental, and will make you feel in peace. Further the cafes at the shore serves many good food and drinks although they have a sleazy look.

Food and Drink: 

Mastic jams, delights, personal care products, candies are items that you shall buy before going back. There are many restaurants and taverns in the central shore that you can taste local or international delights. You can eat dinner in the restaurants at the shore at Karfas. Don’t be deceived by their sleazy looks, there are many cheap and delicious food on the menu.


You can contact sales points in the port if you want to pass to another Greek island or Athens. But not all islands are available, only some of them and only at some days of week. Sailing to Athens takes 8 hours. And its very enjoyable. If you get a cabin with beds you will get awake in Athens in the Morning. You can also reach from Athens in 40 minutes by plane.